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Manifest the Sh$t Outta Your Life

Just a little under a year ago I began working with a business mentor. What I've learned from him goes far and away, above and beyond understanding what you may need for dinner tonight.

During these past months, the speed at which I have finally gotten back to the me that I used to be, the me I was meant to be; returning to that little girl who dreamed so big; has consistently accelerated beyond what I could've imagined.

At first, it was like moving through sludge. I was looking at my life, my behavior, in the inverse. Seeing it from a new perspective. I was unlearning hard wired misguided, and at times, mal intently taught, false conceptions about myself and about us, the human race. Just like Alice who in Alice in Wonderland, had to remember who she was, when asked by the Cheshire cat of her identity, if in fact she was the true Alice at all. I've similarly experienced knowing myself again, better and truer, for the first time.

Many years later, I realize that I am the Alice, and have been all along. Not without injury or loss, to be sure, but definitely the wiser.

The dreams, that terrified my parents, were my North Star calling. Despite all the obstacles, I managed with sheer focused passion, and unstoppable determination, without a clue as to how, to get myself from our little apartment in what is now called Little Armenia (a lower income neighborhood of Hollywood, Ca.) to a UC University, to New York and to Oxford University, England. All I ever wanted to do was perform. Sing and Dance. To Entertain. Definitely, a people pleaser. I was that girl who knew that her way out was through study, exploration, and expanding her world. But, how?

I manifested the shit outta my life! That's how. But, I didn't know that then. I didn't know that my super power was envisioning the life that I wanted, over and over again, until it became my reality. I went after my North Star, but without backup. Without the steadfast, unmoveable, undisuadeable, confidence I now have. The road to your North Star is not straight, you've definitely heard, right? It's curvy, and twisty, mostly backward moving motion, it seems, until your mindset and desires align. That's when the magic starts to happen.

"Do What You Say, Until You See What You Said" -

It's only been in these past 6-9 months that I've really connected with this thing called manifesting. Meaning, the hard work of clearing my arteries of all the lies, and bs I was fed about myself, that I believed about myself, was paying off. The skies are clearer. My mind less foggy, my understanding more acute. With that, of course, seeing the results of what I manifest on a daily basis, the stuff that to others seems "woo woo" or impossible, or ridiculous, reveals itself to me, usually so immediately, that in the beginning I was stunned, shocked. I am more aware now of those thoughts that seem like whispers. I'm paying attention to them. Not so much as to harness them, but to acknowledge them as my super-power. Respect. That's a type of confidence I've never experienced before. A confidence that now feels the strength of foregoing the chase. A confidence that can sit in her power of knowing, of choosing when to engage and with whom; without getting tangled in someone else's trip.

Why am I sharing this with you? I hope that somewhere in this message you find something that resonates. Maybe, you too, have been lost in the weeds in someone else's story of who you are, or supposed to be. Maybe, you too, have these glorious visions that are so big they scare you. Let them scare you, do it anyway. Go for it, anyway. You are worthy. It's not about whether or not you deserve it....I don't like the word deserve; who's to say? But, I do know that, if you're out there, like me, dreaming big and working hard, and doing good, you are worthy.

I am sharing my experience because these stories, especially women's super power stories, are far too few and far less heard.

Lēza, is more than just a Cali-Mediterranean food and pastry experience. It's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that holds values such as education, inclusivity, tolerance, hope, empathy and compassion at it's core. These values drive all that we do, serve, share and believe. It's lofty, I know, but someone's gotta do it. ;)

When your super powers need some downtime (I'm talking to you, mamas!),

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Here's what Nicole T. from Santa Monica California, had to say about her recent experience with our Dinner service:

"Dinner was fabulous! Everything was delicious, but the flatbread, caesar and olive oil cake, had the crowd raving!! Thank you! I can't wait to taste more of your dishes!"

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Here's what a dear client had to say about her experience:

"I can testify that one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, (after hiring cafe leza for a best friend’s surprise birthday cooking class dinner), was to hire Elizabeth for a cooking class series. Seriously loved by everyone in the class, & loving all the insanely delicious food, as well as the recipes! The Mediterranean touch knocks it out of the park. I crave the mushrooms & humus all the time 😘you rock lady!!!! I know it sounds shmaltzy, but seriously amazing food & teaching how to do quickly!! Damn!!" - Jody L. - Tarzana, California.

Of course, now that Cali is opening up again, events are happening! We are here to help you curate the most wonderful menu for your celebration. Check out our gallery here and book a free consult with me here .

I can't wait to chat.

xo, Elizabeth

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