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Best Cutting Boards on the Market

Best cutting board in Chef Elizabeth's opinion
Chef Elizabeth using wood cutting board

Recently, I was asked to contribute to my tips on The Best Cutting Boards:

In a word: Hardwood.

Heavy wood, like Maple, are the best all around cutting boards. Durable, long lasting and, because of the grain, safest for no bacteria build up.


Yet, these hard wood boards are not dishwasher safe. Last thing you want to do is put a beautiful hard wood board into the dishwasher.

Alas, the birth of plastic, silicone and glass cutting boards.

First off: 86 the glass cutting board. What? Noooo... bad for your knives and your ears (god help me).

I love the surge of the multi-colored thin cutting board. You know the ones, red for meat, green for veggies, blue for chicken etc..... the problem is: when we're grabbing a cutting board (I have over 20!) am I really paying attention to the color and what I should be chopping on it? No.

Yet, they're easy to store, light weight, dishwasher safe, (though they will start to loose their shape, if you will, over time) and easy to use.

The most important thing to remember is to never use the same board you use to cut chicken on to then cut veggies on (before washing it). Because: cross-contamination. Hence the reason for the multi-colored plastic cutting board.

There are now cutting boards that are made from biodegradable materials, like composite wood, that are dishwasher safe, are easy to wash by hand, lightweight and won't ruin your knives.

Lastly, a cutting board with a moat or divots around the frame, or in the center (like a cutout of a chicken carcass) is very important for when you're resting then cutting meat, ie a roast, a whole chicken, a turkey etc.) that moat, will catch the juices (and save your counters).

Most importantly, is what is best to save your knives. Keeping them sharp and tip-top shape. The best choice is wood, composite materials, or heavy duty plastic. The most budget friendly will be the heavy duty plastic cutting board.

Happy chopping!

Any more questions: Email me at - Happy to help.

Cheers, Chef Elizabeth

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