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About Lēza

Homemade, Ready For You

Introducing the culinary virtuoso and force of nature behind LĒZA, where gastronomy meets luxury, and glamour and resilience wears a chef's hat – Elizabeth Mehditach. A maestro in the kitchen where dishes are her canvas. As a captivating storyteller she whisks her experience, & wisdom into one fabulous package as an edutainer.

Not your average chef, Elizabeth sprinkles a dash of creativity and a pinch of audacity into every dish, transforming ordinary meals into edible masterpieces. As the founder of LĒZA, she's not just serving food; she's crafting an experience that transcends the taste buds and dances with the senses.

An artist, with a Musical Theatre background, Elizabeth turns every plate into art and every meal into a visual feast. The kitchen is her stage, and every catered event is a performance – a culinary ballet that captivates both the eyes and the taste buds.

From entertaining cooking video tutorials, to hosting events that are as memorable as the dishes themselves, she's not just serving a meal; she's putting on a show.

As important, is her passion for education. As a chef, advocate and edutainer, she isn’t content with just creating culinary delights; she's on a mission to share her knowledge and empower others. As an educator, she breaks down the barriers for women, and young adults in life, sharing her mission to create safe spaces for everyone to explore and enjoy.

But behind the glamour and the culinary brilliance lies a story of strength and triumph. Elizabeth, a survivor of Domestic Violence, is a thriver. A testament to resilience, she's turned the page on a dark chapter and emerged stronger, more vibrant, and more determined than ever. Her journey from adversity to empowerment is woven into the fabric of LĒZA, making it not just a luxurious lifestyle and food brand but a symbol of triumph over adversity.

A brand that brings her favorite F words,

Food, Fashion, Film and Fun, to life.

So, if you're looking for a chef who doesn't just cook but choreographs culinary magic, an artist who turns plates into canvases, an entertainer who brings flair to every event, and an educator with a mission to empower – look no further than Elizabeth Mehditach, the powerhouse behind LĒZA. Because at LĒZA, it's not just about food; it's about savoring life, one delicious bite at a time.

Chef E Shopping at Local Farmers Markets

About Chef Elizabeth Mehditach

A Cali-Girl With A New York Attitude

Hi I'm Chef Elizabeth, and I am the Founder and Executive Chef of Lēza. I am thrilled to share traditional recipes gleaned from my grandmother and mother with you. For generations, cooking and entertaining, is the true love language of my family. 


Little did they know I'd turn our traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes on their head. What else would you expect when you grow up in Hollywood, CA? With it's diverse & vibrant culture, & it's delicious ethnic food scene, LA inspires my menus by adding that perfect je n'est sais quois to every dish, every time.

To your health!

"Incredible food, incredible service!!! Wish I could give more stars!! Every single plate I tasted was definitely divine! First class."


-Tsolair H.

Get in Touch

Los Angeles, CA  /  Tel. (818) 621-0149

Holiday Catering, Special Occasion Catering

We LOVE your (Chef Elizabeth's) food. Everything was delicious. Top to bottom. Especially blown away by your cake. It is one of the best I've had and I am a complete foodie.

I am an estate manager for a multi-million dollar property in Malibu. It is my job to scout chefs and manage all the "ins and outs" of dinner parties. I have hired Cafe Lēza/Chef Elizabeth for five of our events now and I will say that every event has been a flawless experience with her. Not only is her food unique, fresh and perfectly prepared, her attention to detail is truly extraordinary.

I am such a Cafe Lēza fan! I have been to multiple events where she did the catering and she is a true talent. Her sweet treats are everything and more but I am probably craziest about her Angeleno/Mediterranean fusion yummy!

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