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Lessons of a Leaky Faucet

When you buy a house there are things that will break, need repair, that are hidden, unknown problems. You can’t know about them, because they haven’t happened yet. Through no fault of your own, just in your living your daily life; brushing your teeth, washing your hair, what lies beneath begins to deteriorate. Weather.

Through the investigative process to find said issue, you will learn things about the world of plumbing you never knew you HAD to know. For example, Shower Pan, hot pad, waste line vs water line, how they connect below, raised foundation or slab.

It’s irrelevant that in the preliminary house inspection, prior to you buying the house, it passed. Things happen. Over time, things change. Pipes rot, weeds grow, life happens.

Life happens. The good, the bad and the ugly.

So, just as I could not know what I could not see: underground or in the walls, or the wind storm that’s about to cause the fence to fall or the cancer that slowly took my uncle’s life. I’ve learned that the only way to grow, to evolve is through hardship. When things aren’t easy. I was going to write according to plan. What plan? Who’s plan? It’s more like according to lies, isn’t it?

Though, I realize those lies were meant to protect us from pain and suffering. Why would we want to avoid that which will make us stronger, better, more evolved.

The sting of honesty is painful only temporarily. Compared to years of living a life fearful of knowing, fearful of asking questions because the outcome might not be easy to hear or to take.