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Grilled-Summer-Corn - Street-Food-Style-Recipe

Updated: Jan 8

Easy Grilled Corn Recipe Street Food Style with Cilantro and Cotija

Sometimes, (often times?), you just want to tuck into some real street food. Am I right? No frills, no fine linens. Just that basic need to bite into something juicy, sweet/salty, slathered in buttery goodness and cheesy gooeyness. Whether it's a hot dog, street tacos, chili lime mango on a stick, or this grilled summer corn on the cob, nothing hits like digging into hot fresh food with your bare hands.

Pass a napkin when you get a chance!

Grilled Summer Corn Street Food Style Recipe:

4 Cobs, husks, and strings removed, washed and patted dry.

Olive Oil (Spray is easier) or Avocado Oil

Your Favorite Mayo

Room temp butter (easier to schmear)

Grated, shredded Parmesan, Cotija and/or Manchego Cheese (or all three!)


Lime wedges

Fresh rough chopped cilantro

Jalapeno (optional) either sliced into rounds or minced.

Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat your grill. Wipe down with neutral oil or half an onion.

Spray your cleaned corn with oil of your choice

Grill until slightly charred.

Paint with both Mayo and Butter (you can combine 1/4-1/2 cup of each to combine into one paste).

Salt and Pepper to taste

Sprinkle with Tajin, Parm, Cotijo, Manchego or whatever your heart desires.

Schpritz of Lime Juice

Top with chopped cilantro and jalapeno if using.

Dig in!

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