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Fall Menus 2022

Let's try something new, shall we?

New Menus to whet your whistle.

Contact me to order.

Wine Pairings by Jennifer Carruthers of  JC Select Select Wines.

I've been working Jen all through the pandemic; best sommelier, best wines. 

5 Stars across the board.

Falafel Taco Night (1).png

Falafel Taco Night

This menu defines our Cali-Mediterranean experience.

I've married many flavors of my heritage together with the flavors I love growing up in Sunny, LA. The combination of Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern Flavors;

a melange of notes that will make your mouth sing.

Birria Night

I had to jump on the Birria Taco Train.

Succulent braised beef with insanely aromatic consomme  - perfect for a summer backyard party or an autumn evening at home with family.

There's no question: You've got to try this menu, (at least once).

Birria Menu (1).png
Pasta Menu (1).png

Pasta Bar

There are so many pasta dishes that I love.

Here I've created a whole spread with fan and family favorites. You don't have to order all the choices, but you're going to want to. I promise.

Our Tiramisu is the piece de resistance that you've been waiting for.

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