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Hello! I help busy families and professionals like you, with our Done For you Dinners service; catering for micro and traditional life cycle events, cooking lessons and a full bakery. all inspired by cali-mediterranean lifestyle, food and pastry.

I am thrilled to share traditional recipes gleaned from my grandmother and mother with you. For generations, cooking, and entertaining, has been the language of love in my family.


Little did they imagine how I'd turn these traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors on their head. What else would you expect when you grow up in a city (Hollywood, ca) of mixed vibrant cultures and a delicious ethnic food scene?

I mean, really.

elizabeth and family - young.jpg

Elizabeth with her Babu (short for Babushka) and mama at Port of Call. Long Beach, 1970.

"Incredible food, incredible service!!! Wish I could give more stars!!

Every single plate I tasted was definitely divine! First class!"

-Tsolair H.

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